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Welcome to Weigh Less Now 4 Life

We are a team of virtual health coaches dedicated to help you achieve your health and weight goals through a well researched, credible, safe and fast acting meal replacement medical weight management program.

Our clients lose up to 20 pounds a month, or 2-5 pounds a week without hunger, pills or extreme exercise programs with the help of a skilled, caring coach from the comfort of your own home. Our system is also very affordable and our patients see immediate results without hunger.

The Program

Our effective weight loss program is a combination of low calorie, low fat nutritionally balanced meal replacement products and real food. There are three easy to follow stages to help you lose the weight quickly and safely and keep it off; the weight loss phase, transition phase and weight maintenance phase. We take the worry out of portion control and temptation by using balanced meals. There is no counting calories, carbohydrates or points. It is all done for you. You will also lose weight quicker than other programs which will give you the motivation to continue, and then transition to maintain your new weight.

You will be eating six times a day and will not feel deprived. The meal plan typically consists of 5 meal replacements a day delivered to your door and 1 meat and vegetable meal prepared at home or in a restaurant. There are over 70 varieties of the meal replacements and various programs to meet your needs such as diabetes, vegetarian, gluten free, nursing moms, etc.

When you become 5-10 pounds from your goal weight, we will teach you how to transition back to real foods and maintain your weight loss for life.

To help you succeed on the program, a skilled and caring coach will help you through your weight loss journey from the comfort of your own home. Your coach will direct you through the healthy habits of success and check in with you by phone or email the first few days of the program and weekly thereafter until you reach your weight loss goal.
If you are struggling with being overweight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or joint pain or if you have tried every weight loss program or method out there without success or the last 10-20 pounds will just not budge this program is designed for you.

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Nutrition Plan

Together we will construct your nutritional
road map to success. With these tools
and your determination you’ll do great!


Exercise Program

Nutrition is just Step 1 in your new journey.
Together we will construct the proper exercise
program designed specifically for YOU!


Online Support System

Every journey has it’s road bumps and doubts,
with our warm and supporting online community
you’ll know that you are NOT alone in this journey.

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